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Hold onto your olives – we are shaking our tail feathers and taking flight! Hi! My name is Courtney and I am the founder and chief celebrator at Lark & Olive.  Lark & Olive has been a long time dream of mine.  L&O is a compilation of three of my passions: parties, gifts, and home decor! 

Background: I come from a family who likes to celebrate occasions big and small. My mom always taught my sister and me that celebrations and traditions shared with friends and family are how memories are made. Whether you are planning a party, giving a gift, or just decorating your home, the key ingredients are the details. A few of my favorite key ingredients for a memorable celebration include a thoughtful gift (perfectly wrapped, obviously), the most festive tablescape, seasonal decor to swoon over, monogrammed napkins to hold your gin and tonic, and a fabulous wreath on your door to greet all of your guests! Now that you know a bit about my background, here is what transpired…. 

Where it all began: Some kids have lemonade stands, but my sister, Amy, and I had Wrap It Up. On a not-so-cold December day, while home from college for Christmas break, Amy and I opened our seasonal giftwrapping store, Wrap It Up, in Boerne, Texas.  Our first giftwrapping season, we stayed open for three weeks. 

Customers dropped off gifts and we wrapped them. It was fantastic! We knew what everyone was getting for Christmas. A man brought in a pink camouflage turkey feeder for his wife (I hope she likes turkeys), another gentleman brought in a treadmill for his girlfriend (we couldn’t help but think that he was going to be single soon), socks for grandchildren (did grandma know the wrapping was more expensive than the socks?), diamond tennis bracelets, and more. Anything and everything you can imagine, we figured out how to wrap it.

Amy is the meticulous edge folder and I am the crazy bow maker. Together we make quite the mean giftwrapping team! We continued to operate Wrap It Up for a month every holiday season for eight years. Wrap It Up allowed me to push my creative limits and over the years I developed an obsession with all things seasonal, celebratory, and decorating!

My obsession grew on a Fall day in Fort Worth, Texas.  I was a junior at Texas Christian University.  My roommate/BFF, Ashley, walked into our apartment living room to find me in a mess of grapevine, ribbon, and mini scarecrows.  She cautiously told me to put down the glue gun and asked me what I was doing. I responded, “Making a Fall wreath! Our door looks naked!” Once my scarecrow masterpiece was finished and displayed on our front door, friends started asking where I got it, which lead to my first custom orders! Custom orders lead to home shows and I started selling my wreaths in Wrap It Up. 

Side note: Ashley is now a firm believer in always dressing her door. She has a collection of L&O wreaths! 

So, a few years went by… my sister got married and then pregnant and I met my very own “prince charming,” or so he thinks he is! As much as I love my husband and my nephew, they both threw a wrench in our Wrap It Up plans. My husband and I live in Dallas, so leaving my husband for a month to go home to Boerne was out of the question. I tried. And becoming a mom changed Amy’s schedule a bit. Our Wrap It Up hours became too much to bare, so with heavy hearts we packed up our scissors and tape and closed our doors.  I went about life in Dallas working in the retail fashion industry and Amy is mom to the cutest little boy you have ever seen. Ok, so I might be a bit partial, but seriously he’s so cute!

Time went by. I worked on wreaths on the side. I decorated my own house and the houses of a few clients and good friends for the holidays. As time went on, I couldn’t shake my love for all things over the top. I truly believe that every day is a celebration. With the help of my supportive family, husband, friends, and an incredible creative group in Dallas, Lark & Olive was born! 

Why the name Lark & Olive?

The word Lark means something done for fun (also a type of bird), and Olive is a family name. Put them together and we are embarking on one fun journey!

What I hope to accomplish with L&O?

My hope is that L&O encourages you to celebrate all that life has to offer. Our goal is to add flair to every affair. We are here to take your creativity, gifting, and celebrating to the highest level whilst aiming to make it seamless and fun!  I hope you allow us to be a part of your celebrations and your memories. 
Let’s pop the champagne and toast to all of life’s seasons, occasions, and celebrations! Thank you for joining us as we leave the nest, take flight, and turn this dream into reality!